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Fly Away Fashion Review (1)

This is another review post that was transferred from my LJ account. In the meantime, I have bought a lot more items from Fly Away Fashion, and I will write several more posts on these in the future! This post was originally posted on June 2nd, 2012. ~Kimmy

I finally have some time to write a review on the items I purchased from Fly Away Fashion. Fly Away Fashion is a lolita store that has handmade clothes, accessories, and jewelry. I ordered some of their products before AnimeCon and picked them up at the convention.

First, the items that I ordered. I had also ordered a pair of wristcuffs, but they were not finished yet at the time. I will get them at the Fly Away Fashion Tea party.


I ordered the Lucienne straw hat in white. I asked if the ribbons, that were used to fasten the hat, could be replaced with clips, and this was no problem. I was utterly charmed by the two roses that they put on the hat as an extra! Really cute! I also like the white ribbon on the hat. It looks like it has embroided details, which are really pretty.


One cannot create a country lolita look without a straw bag or basket! And I totally love this bag! It's bigger on the inside, than it looks from the outside! This is very important for me, as I can go around with a ton of items in my bag, hehe... ;)
I like how versatile this bag is, as I can also use it on a daily basis! :)


This is the Snow Crown, that I ordered to create a hime lolita coord for an upcoming meeting. As you can see, it features the same white ribbon as the Lucienne hat. My wristcuffs will also have this type of ribbon, so I can match them with either the hat, or the crown! I like how they pay attention to details, by adding those small roses to the ribbons. The crown is made from wire, so I can adjust and bend it a little in the way that I like it.

The moment I saw this Flowery Headband, I knew I had to have it. It's just so beautiful! :)
The headband is very comfortable to wear! I have no idea about how to combine it with an outfit yet, but that will happen, lol! 


The final item I ordered, was a decorated mirror. I liked the fact that it has a small comb inside, which I now frequently use to keep my fringe in check! It's really cutely detailed with ribbons, roses and glitters. Very pretty!

I bought the rings at AnimeCon. They were not part of my original order, but I liked them so much! :) They are, just like the decorated mirror, handmade. The ring is adjustable, so you can always make it bigger or smaller! 

I had seen various examples of the headdresses that the girls make, and I like all of them. I wanted a pink one, so I got to choose from various types of headdresses, and I choose this one. You can attach it to the headband and wear it in whatever way you want. On top of your head, or on the side, it doesn't matter. Once again, the attention paid to details is great. The ribbon is wired, so you can adjust it in any way you want, and I really like the lace that runs along it. 


When the girls posted pictures of the new wigs they had, I was instantly in love with this Sweet blended wig. The blond part isn't as yellow as it looks on the picture (due to lighting). The funny thing is that it didn't cost as much as my Bodyline wig (which is twice as long), and it has two times more hair on it. It's very full and soft, and the pink color is very nice. The wig has a straight fringe and a hime cut, which I like very much as I was planning on doing a hime coord. The wig is easy to maintain, as I can soak it in water and style it up to 200 degrees.

I didn't have a wig cap and the girls were so nice to give me one along with the wig. It makes wearing wigs a lot easier! XD


The last item was something I didn't expect from a lolita shop, but I like it very much that they have these type of products! I love bathing products and Fly Away Fashion has various items from Bomb Cosmetics. This is the Strawberries & Dreams, and it smells HEAVENLY!!! It takes up to 4 baths, so I can enjoy it multiple times!

All in all, I'm very happy with the items I bought. I can't wait to check out the store during the Tea party! :)

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