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Petit Angel review

This is one of the first posts to be transferred here from my LJ account. This was originally written on June 11th, 2012. ~Kimberley

I love indie lolita brands. For me, as a budget loli, they are a good alternative to the expensive brands, as indie brands offer unique pieces for reasonable prices.

Petit Angel is one of the brands I love. It's a small Dutch brand, which offers unique quality lolita clothes. I learned about it's existence in March, when browsing on the Internet. I visited the website and fell in love with the beautiful clothes. There were a JSK and an OP in the brand's portfolio that I totally wanted, but as each piece is unique, I knew I couldn't get them.

But, oh, I was so lucky. Within two weeks time, the JSK was offered on the Internet, and another two weeks later the OP. I was super happy and bought both. I wore the JSK in Paris, and I will wear the OP to the Fly Away Fasion Tea Party upcoming Sunday. I recently bought a Petit Angel gothic lolita skirt for the Metal Female Voices Festival, making me the proud owner of three unique pieces.

The clothes are beautifully made, and a lot of attention is paid to the details. The dresses fall nicely without a petticoat as well. When looking at the clothes, you can really see that the maker has had an education in fashion and tailoring clothes. 

Here is a picture of my items:

Here are some stock photo's of my items:

Roses and Ribbons print shirred JSK:

I could wear the JSK as a normal summer dress if I wanted. The ribbons and waist ties can be taken off. The bodice is fully shirred, and it can be laced up in the back.

 Summer White OP:

The OP has some butterfly embroidery applications that I really like, but sadly I don't have the strawberry clips that are shown on the picture. It has some shirring in the back, and it can be laced up as well. The fabric is light, making it ideal for summer! :)

Gothic Crown embroidery bustle skirt:

This bustle skirt has crown embroidery applications, and it's made of thick black cotton. When wearing it, it feels quite heavy, so it's good for winter, I think. I like the lace details around the skirt very much. The skirt can be laced up in the back.

Petit Angel blogspot:

Petit Angel on Etsy:

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