zaterdag 1 juni 2013

International Lolita Day

International Lolita Day was something I didn't know about yet, last year. So last year I missed the oppertunity in Summer, and during the winter I knew about it but was sick, so no dressing up then either. But today, I grabbed my chance!

I had a little lolita related outing planned already, as I had to go to Fly Away Fashion to pick up the JSK that my cousin Marloes ordered. So about todays ago, I decided on my outfit. It had to be casual/classic and simple, because I didn't have that much time to dress up properly. The decision was made fairly quickly, I would go for the Petit Angel skirt I bought a few weeks earlier.

Here's a picture of my outfit:
Blouse/top: Guess
Socks: Innocent World
Shoes, necklace, hair acessory: Fly Away Fashion
Cardigan and tights: off brand
Skirt: Petit Angel

I had to take care of the horses first, but after that, I quickly did my hair and make-up and headed off to the boyfriend to change. I had a brief moment of panic, because I couldn't find my skirt! It turned out it was folded up in one of my JSK's. No idea how it got there, but I was able to dress up and go.

When I arrived at Fly Away Fashion, Katie was taking care of the final details of Marloes' dress. It looked awesome, and I couldn't wait to bring it to her. I checked out the store in the meantime, because a lot of new and cute items came in. I saw some awesome wigs, hair acessories and Alpacassos! They were so cute!

I also had to pick some items for myself: a Chess Story Blouse (review on that one will come later) and clip in pony tails for my Sweet Blended wig. I couldn't resist some cute hair combs and an alpacasso pouch, so I bought those as well. 

I spend a great deal of time in the store, talking to Katie and her mother. We also decided on the design of a Roses at Dawn JSK I want to buy for Metal Female Voices Festival this year. It was a lot of fun! I can't wait to go to the tea party next week! :)

Here are some pictures of my day:

Fly Away Fashion shop:


Marloes' JSK (the quality of the pic is not too great, but it looks so good on her!): 

Together with Katie: 

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