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Lolita in Paris

This is an article I wrote on Lolita shops in Paris last year. With my recent visit to the city, I thought the article might need some edits, so here is an improved version! ~ Kimmy
Last year, I visited Paris for the first time in years. It was also my first time visiting it as a lolita, and I wanted to visit the shops. I was quite ambitious, wanting to visit about seven shops in total. I used the internet to find their addresses, and came up with the following shops: Boddywood/Angelic Pretty, Baby, The Stars Shine Bright, Black Sugar, Harajuku, Quiq Chaq, and Viki Shop.

The stores
Lat year we went in search of all the shops in Paris. Viki Shop didn’t seem to exist anymore, and frankly, I hadn’t expected much from that shop. It was said that the shop had some Lolita items, but I couldn’t find any on the photos I found on the internet. Anyway, on the other side of the street Harajuku is located. We went there last year, only to find out it was closed. I was getting pretty desperate at that point, because I really wanted to buy some Lolita items, and earlier that day we hadn’t been able to find Quiq Chaq, as our map of the city didn’t have the street where it was located on it.

So we took the metro, and set course for the area where the last three shops were located. First we visited Baby, The Stars Shine Bright. The shop is very cute and pretty, and the girl that works there is very nice! I asked if I could take some photos of the shop and she let me. You can find the pictures below!

What I love so much about the Baby store is that it's so neat! It's not stuffed full with dresses, and you have a nice overview of the items! It's really presented in the best way! Besides the BTSSB and AATP items, the store has a small area with (I think) off brand items.

So far I bought two headbows, two pairs of socks, and a pouch bag at the store. It's definitely my favorite lolita store in Paris!


Close to the Baby store, you can find Boddywood/Angelic Pretty. The shop itself is cute and went through a renovation last year, but it's a little  bit disappointing. I had expected it to have a lot of Angelic Pretty items, but they only had a few skirts and dresses, and accessories. 

The room with Angelic Pretty items, which they had upstairs, has closed, so now they have a small area in the front of the shop on the left side. The rest of the shop was filled with other japanese clothing brands. I saw some Milk items and they also sell items from Swimmers, 6% dokidoki, and Tralala. 

Close to the counter, they have a small area with second hand items, which is definitely worth checking out! Last week, I found this really nice Innocent World skirt there! Sadly, I was already over my budget, otherwise I would have bought it! XD

I don't have any pictures from the inside of the shop, as it is not allowed to take pictures there.

At the store I have bought hair combs and a ring from AP, a star clip from 6% dokidoki, and a Tralala cutsew/T-shirt.

A bit further along the same road on which Boddywood is located, you can find Black Sugar. This is a store that has a lot of taobao items, as well as ‘normal’ gothic and cosplay items. The lady from the store was very friendly and helpful. When looking around the store, I was quite surprised to find out that they sell some replica items from AP as well. You really have to look through the stuff that they sell for nice items, because often it's quite ita and more for cosplay lolita. I've seen some horrible lace monsters in there, hihi.

However, you can definitely check this store out for their shoes! They come from Taobao, and I own two pairs of shoes that I purchased from this store. They are very comfortable to wear! The store also sells socks from Secret Shop, and I can never seem to keep myself from buying another pair.  Maybe some of the items are a little overpriced, but for me that's okay. If I have to order stuff from the internet, I think I would end up paying about the same price for the items anyway.

Black Sugar is a store with hidden treasures, so I think it's worth a visit!

Purchased at this store: a Milky-chan the fawn replica skirt, loads of Secret Shop socks, two pairs of shoes, and a pair of bloomers.

Below, you can find some pictures of the store.


Here is a picture of the items I bought the first time as a lolita in Paris:

Nice places for picture taking
Paris has a lot of beautiful parks and gardens. Les Jardins de Tuileries are very pretty in spring. They have some trees with purple blossoms, which serve nicely as a background for pictures. You have to excuse my lack of lolita clothes in this picture! :p

Next to the Eiffel Tour is also a very cute park, with a pond. The steps leading to the Sacre Cœur are also great for pictures! Especially the curvy ones on the side, with their rock-like formations.
Next/behind the Notre-Dame you can also find a beautiful park with Cherry Blossoms that were blooming. I took some pictures here last year, dressed up in Lolita:

Another great place I discovered last week is the Jardin du Luxembourg. It's one of the most popular parks in Paris, and features a nice palace for a background!

I hope you find this article useful! I plan on visiting the two other lolita shops in the city in the future, but that will have to wait until next year! 

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