maandag 15 juli 2013

Lolita Kawaii Weekend

Yesterday, It finally was time for an event which I had been looking forward to for a long time: Lolita Kawaii Weekend. I bought two Saturday tickets for me and my friend Stacey last month, and I was really eager to go. The event would be filmed by Kawaii International, and Misako Aoiki and RinRin Doll would be attending the event as well. I've spend some weeks thinking of what to wear. It really was difficult to decide, because I have a couple of dresses that I still have to wear, and I didn't know what the weather was going to be like. A few weeks ago I bought a lovely Candy Country JSK from Baby, The Stars Shine Bright in bordeaux, and since I had a headbow in the same color, I decided on that one. I managed to score a pair of bordeaux socks at BTSSB in Paris, and my outfit was complete.

Before going to any lolita meet up, there is one big responsibility that I cannot walk away from: my horse. So I got up early to groom her. My mother would make sure that stable were mucked out, so I was done quite early, thankfully. So around 10 I left to go over to my boyfriend's place to change. I had ironed my outfit on Thursday, so I was quickly done and ready to go.

The whole group was to meet up at the train station, so my boyfriend dropped me off there, and I was able to find the group pretty quickly. It was really great to see such a big group of lolitas together! :)

We left pretty quickly after that and the walk to the venue where the teaparty was held was quite short. At the venue we had to have our picture taken for the outfit contest. Afterwards, we had to wait a little while and then we could go into the room of the tea party. Misako and RinRin joined us pretty soon, and they both told us something about their life in Japan.  They both looked so pretty!

The teaparty was really nice and the food was delicious! RinRin and Misako went around the room, talking with everyone at every table. Misako joined us first. There was a translator with her, which made communicating a lot easier. I asked her if she liked the Netherlands, and our group talked a bit about Dutch food. Misako said she had tried a 'kroket' and that she liked it very much. We were able to take some pictures with her and then she had to go to the next table. RinRin was with us very soon after that. She was so lovely, and complimented me on my look. She said that the color really suited me, and I felt very happy that she liked it! :)

After the tea party had some free time, so we gathered a small group and went to the Dom. It's a huge church, and a nice place to take pictures at. Stacey and I took a lot of pictures. After our visit to the Dom we went to a café to have a drink, while some of our group went to their hotel to change. It was nice to sit and talk with everyone! When the others returned, we stayed for a little while longer, and then we went to a pancake restaurant. It was in a really nice location and the food was great!

At 7.30 we were expected at Tivoli, for the after party. RinRin and Misako were to perform there, and the outfit contest would take place. The songs from Misako and RinRin are really upbeat and happy, which is very different from the music I normally listen to, but I really liked it. The outfit contest was much like a fashion show, so I wasn't very nervous. I didn't win a price, but I was really happy for the winners! They looked so amazing! :)

After the winners were announced, I had to leave pretty soon. I was sad to go and for an awesome day to end, but I enjoyed myself so much! I'm very glad I went to the event! :)

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