donderdag 25 juli 2013

Señor Bear review

Last week I've ordered some items from Señor Bear. Señor Bear is an online jewelry store, owned by the awesome Damien, who makes everything in the shop himself. I've know about his shop for a while, but I didn't check it until recently. And I instantly fell in love!

A lot of the jewelry he makes, is very loliable! I spend some time gawking at all those gorgeous necklaces and added a bunch of them to my wishlist. I am already busy with my outfits for the Metal Female Voices Festival, and I'm going to recycle last years Gothic/Ero coord, but I wanted some cool jewelry to go with it.

And Damien had just the most perfect items in his shop: a gorgeous blue cameo necklace and brooch. There also was a very nice classic looking necklace that I loved as well. So these three items were what I ordered.

The website
The website of Señor Bear is easy to navigate. It's all in English, so it's super easy to order for international customers as well. The website is very nicely build, with lots of good pictures of the products. An account is easily made. I paid my order with Paypal, and very soon after that received and order comfirmation.

Shipping was very cheap for me, as I live in the Netherlands. The ordered items where shipped with regular mail, within two days after my order, and they arrived the day after shipping.

The items were neatly packed up in a small sturdy box. I loved the mustache drawn on the front! :)

When I opened the box, which was secured very neatly, I found my items packed in bubble plastic for protection, an invoice (super handy and very thoughtful!), a business card, and a cute note from Damien:

I think sending an invoice along with the items is handy, because many small stores forget to include them. It's a good reminder of the costs of your order, and handy if you have to keep it for your personal admistration.

The items
As I mentioned, the items were packed up in bubble plastic for protection. But they were also individually packed in plastic bags.

I was quick to open the bags and examine my items up close. I am really happy with them and they are very nicely made, with attention to detail. 

Madame de Pompadour necklace. I love the pearl details on it, and the little ribbon about the medallion. It's lovely! And the picture inside the medallion is very nice. I love these rococo inspired items! And I also really liked the tag on the necklace! :p

Cameo brooch. I love the details on this one as well. The small chain with pearls and the rose is very nice. The brooch has a pin of the back and it's very sturdy. I don't think it will loosen easily when it's worn, which is a good thing. You don't want to loose such a nice brooch! ;)

Cameo Brooch. I am very happy with this necklace. It is a small pity that it's not silver, like the brooch, but it's lovely in it's own right. The cameo is the same as on the brooch. This necklace also had the ribbon detail above the medaillion and a small clear bead between it and the ribbon. I am sure I'm going to wear this necklace a lot!

Overall impression
Website: ***
Speed: **** (super fast!)
Shipping: **** 
Items: ****
Price: **** (very good price for handmade items)

I'm very happy with my items and I think I will order from this shop again in the future! :)

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