dinsdag 1 oktober 2013

Review: Fly Away Fashion - Roses at Dawn JSK

It's time for another review! This time I will be writing about my custom order at Fly Away Fashion. Last year, I already fell in love with their Roses at Dawn line. I loved the combination of black and white. It reminded me of Moi-Même-Moitié prints, but a little more to the classic side with the rose print. 

In July I visited Fly Away Fashion to talk about the design for my dress. I wanted a simple dress, not too many frills and details. I'm not really an OTT lolita. Even my most OTT outfits are quite modest, and I wanted it for this dress as well. 

So Katie went to work, sketching my dress on paper. We discussed fabrics; of course, the fabric of the skirt of the dress would be Roses at Dawn, but I had several options for the bodice: a plain black one? No, my eye fell on a black fabric with a white rose pattern. Not quite the same as the Roses at Dawn fabric, but similar enough to make a good match. I didn't want too much lace on the bodice, but I liked the thought of having lace around the collar. 

Earlier this year I bought a Chess Story blouse for this particular dress, and it has pearls on the collar. To make the dress more of a match with the blouse, I asked Katie to add pearls to the lace on my dress. She designed an awesome detachable bow (also with pearls on them), and after deciding on a black petticoat and wrist cuffs, I went home.

Last week I was able to pick up my dress. And I fell in love the moment I saw it:

It's so beautiful! It fits perfectly and I felt so elegant when I tried it on.
Here is a close up of the bodice:

The pearls have been sewed on by hand. I love the detachable bow! The dress has a zipper on the side, and it is fully lined on the inside. Katie really has a great eye for detail, because everything on this dress is exactly how I wanted it!

I had brought along the socks, shoes, and blouse I had in mind to coord with this dress, so I could try it on properly. Katie was so nice to take some pictures for me:

As you can see, it fits perfectly! The petticoat Katie made for this dress is super poofy and is really flattering to the dress. I saw quite happy to notice that the sock match the dress as well! So now all I have left to buy is a elegant headdress to go with this outfit, and then I'm ready for Metal Female Voices Festival! :)

Communication: ****
Katie contacted me about the deadline of the dress. She also asked questions through email about things we forgot to think of (for instance, the fabric of the detachable bow. She asked me if I wanted it plain black, or from the same fabric of the bodice).

Price: *** 
I paid about €130,= for this dress. Considering the amount of work and details on it, I say it's definitely worth the money.

Quality: ****
No loose treads, the dress is beautifully made. It fits perfectly. It's fully lined on the inside and the details on it are perfect!

Shipping: ?
I went to pick up my dress myself. So far, I've always gone to the shop to buy anything, so I don't know anything about Fly Away Fashion's shipping procedures. XD

Speed: ****
The dress was done in time. Katie and I kept in touch about the date on which I would come to pick it up, so no problems there!

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