donderdag 2 januari 2014

2013 - A short overview

The year 2013 has ended. So it's time to look back at what the year has brought me lolita wise. ^^
2013 was an exciting year. I got to go to some really nice meet ups, modeled during another fashion show, and my wardrobe went through quite a change. In a way, I'm still searching for the style that fits me best.

Wardrobe changes
2013 was a year in which I bought some basic items. In 2012 I only owned 2 blouses, and this year I bought some new ones in various styles and colors. I've also filled up my wardrobe with some more brand items: A Metamorphoses skirt, two Baby, the Stars Shine Bright dresses, and one dress from Angelic Pretty were among the items I bought. I also did some wig shopping, and bought two natural looking wigs. That being said, I also sold quite a few things. Most of my Bodyline items have gone, and I've recently done another closet cleaning. I don't want my closet to get bigger than it is now, so every once in a while, I go through everything I have and decide what I want to keep.

I've discovered that OTT sweet lolita isn't really my style. I'm more an old school sweet/classic lolita at heart. I do love OTT sweet, but I won't wear it as much as other styles. The AP dress I bought is a Milky-chan the Fawn JSK, but the coord I have in mind is much more toned down than what most OTT lolitas go for. ^^

Meet ups and events
I've only been to three meet ups this year, but they were really nice! The first meeting I went to was the Lolita Kawaii weekend, where I met Misako Aoki and RinRin. :) The second meet up was the annual Summer meet, and the third meeting was the Gift Swap meeting, where I received some really cute presents! ^^
I've been shopping with friends twice, and I have also gone to an Anime Convention. I modelled for Fly Away Fashion during their fashion show at TsunaCon, and it was so much fun! I was less nervous than the first time I modelled for FAF, so I did get to enjoy it more. I've also visited the Japan Market in Leiden in spring. It was quite nice to go there and walk around in lolita. We've got a lot of questions and it was fun to answer them! ^^

In October I went to the Metal Female Voices Festival with my cousin and dressed up in Gothic Lolita twice. It was a lot of fun to go there, and I got a lot of compliments, even from singers! ^^ Lisa Middelhauve, Lindsay Schoolcraft, Liv Kristine, and Shiori vitus all complimented me on how I looked. It was really great to see that the fashion style was appreciated! :)

Top ten outfits
I dressed up quite a lot this year, even though I didn't go to that many meetings. Here is my outfit top ten:

Outfit for Tsunacon

Outfit for MFVF, day 2

Outift or Lolita Kawaii weekend

Outfit mor MFVF, day 3

Outfit for the fashion show at TsunaCon
Outfit for a shopping trip with my friend Stacey! 

Outfit for the fashion show practice

Outfit for Japan Market

Outfit for the Summer meet

Outfit for International Lolita day
So, what's next?
2014 will be the year in which I'll move out of my parent's house, so I really have to save up every Euro I can! Nonetheless, I have no doubt that I will spend some money on lolita. I have a small wishlist for this year:

  • A skirt from Ophelia without Eye
  • A natural looking black wig
  • Pink Milky-chan socks
  • A long petticoat/under skirt for my Innocent World JSK and skirt
I'll be selling some more items, and I've got another modelling job in April! 2014 is a year to look forward to! It will also be the year in which I will learn to sew clothes. If I learn to tame a sewing machine, I'll be making plans to set up my own indie brand! ^^

Happy new year! <3

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