zondag 9 februari 2014

In my closet - l090

My very first lolita dress was a dress from Bodyline. I bought it in December 2011, with the intention of wearing it for Carnaval. That year's theme was 'Toys' and I wanted to dress up as a lolita doll. It was a good excuse to order an outfit, so I went in search for one. Since I wanted to get it 'right', I first did some research on everything I would need, and what lolita was. Then it was time to search for a dress. I nearly had a heart attack when I looked at the prices, and was really glad when I found cosmates through a cosplay website. I know, it's more expensive than ordering directly from Bodyline, but at that time I didn't know Bodyline had it's own website, so yeah. I ordered a complete outfit, but forgot to order shoes.

A week after ordering, my outfit came in. I was so happy with the dress! It was kinda old-school styled, and looked a lot better than I had expected. I still had a month to go, but I couldn't stop myself from trying on the dress a lot! I felt so pretty in it. I even got my mom to take a pic of me after my wig came in:

(Picture was edited by my lovely friend Haylle! <3)

With Carnaval approaching, I went in search for a pair of shoes. Sadly, I couldn't find any shoes, except for a pair of black ballerinas. It's better than nothing, so I bought them, also because I didn't want to spent my evening with hurting feet because of high heels. 

I did some research on loliable make-up and on the night of the party, I went to work. I braided the wig for the trip, because I didn't want it to get tangled too much. I had a cardigan that matched nicely, and a cute bag, so my outfit was complete!

After Carnaval, I decided that I wanted to become more active in lolita fashion, so I started buying more items. During spring 2012 I wore the dress again. By then, I had bought a good pair of shoes, a different wig, and some other basics. I hadn't gone to many meet ups yet, and mainly wore the clothes around my boyfriend's house. 

Here is a picture of the coord I did then:

For my birthday I receive a gift from my friend Natasha that pleasantly surprised me. She bought me some cute accessories, and made me a drawing of me in this dress! The drawing came in a frame and is on proud display in my room! ^^

The drawing also features the sweet blended wig I wore with my second coord! It's totally cute, don't you think? :)

My third coord with this dress was done recently! The past year, I wore lolita quite a few times, but this dress got a little bit forgotten somehow. Last year there were plans to organize a fairy tale themed meeting, that sadly didn't go through. But my idea for my outfit got stuck, and with this years fairy tale themed meet, I decided to go through with it.

I own a BTSSB dress with a Snow White print, but I thought it would be so much more fun to do an original coord with my Bodyline dress! I wanted to try my hand at a coord, inspired by Disney's Tangled, from the scene where the little girls braid Rapunzel's hair and stick all the flowers in them! 

I had some items that would work, so I went and figured out the coord, and tested how the wig would hold with all the flowers in it. 

And last Sunday, I finally got to wear the coord! You can read all about it in my other post, but here is a picture of my coord being worn:

I don't think I will ever part with this dress. It was my first one and it's perfect for when I want to do sweet, but not too sweet. I love how old school it looks, but can be worn with a more elaborate coord as well. 
It's definitely one of my favourites! 

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