woensdag 19 februari 2014

Little Lolita Boutique review

Last week I got in two lovely headbands from Little Lolita Boutique. I love floral headbands, but I sadly only had one! So when I saw pictures of a headband from Little Lolita Boutique, I immediatly wanted one!

I contacted Naomi (the owner), about the headband and if she could make me one. I liked the one she made, but it featured strawberries, and I don't have any dresses or skirts with those, so I wanted mine to be a little different. Naomi assured me that it wouldn't be a problem, so I ordered one headband in red, and one in pink.

Naomi was already working on a red version, so she told me that the pink one would be done the next day and that the headbands would be sent out later that week. I was very happy with that prospect! As she worked on making the headbands, she sent me some pictures. I also requested some stock pictures for my wardrobe album, and she sent me loads! So the pictures you see below, are the pictures she took.

The shipment of the items was very fast. It actually was delayed one day, but I think that sending out an order after only four days is still fast! The items arrived ins a sturdy box and were packed neatly in a plastic bag and paper wrappers for protection.

The details on the headbands are stunning! They are both wrapped in a velvet ribbon. Everything is glued to the headband, but there are no glue treads visible! There are some glue drops on the flowers, but this was purposely done to make it look like dew drops. The red headband features several small beaded chains and a cameo pendant, the pink one has a nice satin ribbon with lace on it. Both headbands have different sorts of flowers on them that match really well!

Both headbands cost me €8,50, which I think was a very good price! With all the details and their lovely looks, they are definitely worth the money.

Here are some pics of them!

The red headband:

The pink headband: 

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