woensdag 9 juli 2014

In my closet: Heart E Tiered Roses JSK

My Heart E JSK is one of my favourite JSKs, and one of my most worn pieces in my closet. It was one of the first brand dresses that I owned and I was super happy that I was able to buy it. In that time I was still searching for my style in lolita, and I knew, from the moment that I held this dress, that it would stay with me for a long time.

I just love the bodice on this dress! It's so cute and the little lace ruffle on top adds just a nice touch! The tiered skirt has two different patterns with roses, and the dress has shirring on the back and adjustable shoulder straps.

The first time I wore the dress, I didn't own a blouse that matched nicely with it. So I opted for a cardigan. I thought that looked more casual and fit better with the country theme I gave to the coord:

This coord was the first coord about which I was satisfied. With my limited experience in lolita and my fairly small lolita closet, I had managed to create my first good coord. The dress disappeared in my closet for a year after that.

The second time I wore the dress, I went for a much more classic/sweet approach. I, again, wore the same cardigan, but this time a different hat, and I added some more details with my jewelry. I combined the dress with my Innocent World ankle socks, which looked surprisingly cute with the shoes I had chosen.

After this outfit, the dress once again disappeared in my closet again for a year. I wore it again for the Japan Market this year. Last year I wore quite a sweet coord, and I felt a little uncomfortable in it. But this year I wanted to visit the market in a dress that I felt had to represent me and my lolita style. And I chose my Heart E JSK again.

I think this is my best coord to date with this dress. The coords seems much more mature I think. Also, the blouse instead of the cardigan is better! Thank you for reading! I hope you liked reading about this dress! ^^

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