zondag 7 september 2014

In my closet: Summer Tales Letters from Paris high waisted skirt

When I first discovered Summer Tales Boutique, formerly known as Fly Away Fashion, I immediately fell in love with their concept. I first visited their shop during their Summer tea party in 2012. During that particular tea party the Letters from Paris designs were presented. I loved the print on first sight and knew I had to have one piece from this line!

About a month later, I went back to the shop and bought a beautiful high waisted skirt in blue. I love the details on the skirt! The two small bows on the front and lace ruffles are just perfect. The skirt has shirring on the back. I love the music notes on the lace and how it adds a few more centimeters to the skirt! The fabric is really nice. It's thick cotton and the print is just lovely. Roses and Paris, all in one! <3

It took a while before I could wear the skirt. I had to buy a blouse that I could wear with it first. But the first opportunity presented itself in November that year: I modeled for Summer Tales at Nishicon, and Katie had fixed a beautiful large head bow to go with the skirt!

The fashion show was a lot of fun to do, and I modeled again in Februari 2013 at Tsunacon. It was at that fashion show that I finally a good outfit shot taken by my boyfriend! :)

Later that year, I wore the skirt again when I went out for some vintage shopping and dinner with Katie. This time I tried for a more classic/sweet look. I wasn't really happy about how the outfit turned out afterwards, but I felt like I had to show it.

Two weeks ago I finally had the oppertunity to wear the skirt again, when I went to visit Katie. I opted for a more casual classic look, and this is the end result:

This is also the first outfit with natural hair when wearing this skirt. I braided it and pinned the braid on the back of my head, adding ribbons, flowers, and flower comps to my hair.

I hope to wear this skirt often in the future! It's so lovely and I love that I can wear it in a more casual fashion.

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