vrijdag 21 november 2014

In my closet: Dear Celine Marshmellow petticoat (limited edition)

A petticoat is an essential item in lolita. I have two petticoats: one from Summer Tales and one from Dear Celine. Now, a petticoat might not seem like such a special item to write about, but I always loved my Dear Celine Petticoat, and it has quite a particular story!

Back when I was just starting with lolita, I had this really crappy petticoat from Joybank. It was a cheap one and I wanted to buy a better one. I had browsed various internet sites and had stumbled on the wonder that is called Qutieland. 

I had made this wishlist album on my facebook page, that featured a picture of an Infanta dress. A friend of mine, who is no lolita whatsoever, commented that the particular dress looked a lot like a dress she had bought for her sister's wedding. I got quite curious and looked it up on her facebook. And guess what? It was the same Infanta dress, but in a different color! 

I asked her how she ordered the dress and if Qutieland was any good with service. She commented that she had to wait a while, but that she was very happy with the service. And then she, oh so casually, mentioned that she had a petticoat to go with the dress, but that I could buy it if I wanted.

And of course I wanted to buy it! So I went to her place to pick it up, and it turned out to be this gorgeous limited edition petticoat from Dear Celine. I bought the petticoat just in time for my trip to Paris with my boyfriend, where I wore it for the first time:

I was still a beginning lolita back then, and my hair was a mess after walking around in Paris all day long, haha.

I've worn the petticoat so many times already, and it has collapsed a few times, but I just throw it in the dryer and it's good to go again! It's made from organza, and sometimes, when I don't want too much poof, I just wear it as it is. 

It's safe to say that this petticoat is the most worn item in my closet!

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