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In my closet: Innocent World Arabel blouse

It's time for a new post in this series! This time I won't be writing about any of my dresses. I'll be writing about my favorite blouse! It's no secret that Innocent World is one of my favorite brands, and I was lucky to buy this lovely blouse last year.

The blouse is made from a nice smooth fabric. It has a detachable jabot and waist ties. I love the sleeves of this blouse. They're quite loose, giving a nice effect when you wear it under a JSK!

The first time I wore the blouse, was when I went shopping with Katie last year. I wore it with my Summer Tales Letters from Paris skirt. I wore a cardigan with that outfit, so you couldn't really see the blouse:

I love that the blouse is versatile. I can wear it nicely with a skirt, or I can put it under a JSK. I could wear it with or without the jabot. The possibilities are endless, haha...

The next time I wore the blouse, was this year during spring, when I went to visit Summer Tales Boutique. I wore the blouse under my Blooming Snow White JSK from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright:

See what I meant about the sleeves being nice and loose? It gives such a nice effect!

I've worn the blouse two more times in a similar fashion: under my Heart E JSK and under my Swan Lake JSK from Baby. Quite recently I wanted to wear the blouse with a skirt again. I bought this gorgeous Gertrude skirt from Innocent World and I thought this blouse was perfect to wear it with! Since I have the black version of the skirt, I could finally use the jabot on the blouse!

A few days before the meet I posted a picture on Instagram of my coord:

I wanted to go for a classic outfit, but one that was simple, maybe even a little casual. I wore the coord with my Lockshop mermaid wig. 

I made the stupid mistake to accidentally leave my Victorian Maiden hair corsage at home when I left for the meet. So, I looked through my sales bag and found a black headbow and quickly slapped that on, haha... I also paired it with my BTSSB umbrella, as I had yet to use it in a coord:

I hope you enjoyed reading about my favorite blouse! 

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