woensdag 24 december 2014

Christmas Cute Shopday at Summer Tales Boutique

Hi Everyone!

Time for a nice Christmas themed post! I'm sure everyone is getting ready to celebrate the holidays! Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year and I always find myself busy with decorating the house and buying Christmas presents. And this year, Summer Tales Boutique organized a Christmas themed shopday, which perfectly added to my holiday cheer! <3

The shopday was held last Sunday, the weekend before Christmas. I really wanted to wear something Christmas/winter themed and I pretty soon decided on my Dear Deer JSK from Macaron et Mademoiselle. It features some really pretty snow crystals in the embroidery and it was perfect for a more casual coord. I choose a pink/white color theme and paired my JSK with my pink vintage blouse.

On Sunday I was done pretty soon, so I changed and headed out to Summer Tales pretty early. When I arrived I was pretty busy greeting everyone and seeing who was there. Afterwards I took a look around the shop. During my dressing up I noticed that the JSK was pretty short in comparison to my bloomers, and they stuck out under the skirt. Katie had some nice short bloomers in stock, so I choose to buy a pair of cute mint colored ones and they fit a lot better with my dress!

I had made reservations on an exclusive headband that Katie made a few days prior to the shopday. I checked to see what it looked like and was instantly in love! It was beautiful and elegant, with a touch of luxury. I'm sure I'll feel like a princess when wearing it!

Isn't it pretty? I also bought a similar one in beige to match my AATP skirt. I'm planning a coord with that one for the near future and I didn't have a headdress to go with it. I took a picture of it at home, but the light was pretty bad, so it looks a little blurred.

At the shop, Rosalynn took some very nice picture of me! I'm really happy with them. She always makes such nice photos! :)

Here is a nice outfit shot:

Coord run down:

JSK: Macaron et Mademoiselle
Blouse: Vintage
Wig: Lockshop
Head band, bag, shoes and tights: Summer Tales Boutique
Bracelets: Off Brand and SeƱor Bear

Here's a nice close up of the embroidery on my dress:

See the nice crystals? :)

I participated in the workshop that was held and made an alpaca head out of clay! 
It was fun to do, although I'm not very creative and it had been years since I've played around with clay.

It looks a little misformed, haha... 

But I enjoyed myself a lot that day. It was great to see everyone again and talk about upcoming meets and such! I also discovered a beautiful fabric in Katie's stash and asked her to make me a dress out of it! It's so beautiful and I can't wait to see what she makes out of it! :)

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