zondag 14 december 2014

In my closet: Lockshop Mermaid wig - Beachy

2014 is the year in which I finally dared to go out in lolita outifts with wigs! I have four wigs in my closet, but my favourite is my Mermaid wig in beachy from Lockshop.

I love the natural look of this wig very much, and I think it suits the lines of my face. When I really started getting into lolita, this wig was one of the first items to go on my wishlist. I ordered it last year, and it took me a while before I dared to wear it.

I was kinda afraid people would see it was a wig, haha... I also went to have the bangs trimmed as a special wig salon. I was deadly afraid of messing up this wig, so I was very happy that the people there wanted to cut it for me.

I've worn this wig five times since buying it. I love that it's easy to style, and can be conbined with different sorts of headdresses! :)

I really want to try doing a braided style with this wig in the future. I've seen many lolitas braid their mermaid wigs, and I really want to do it too! Might want to practice it though, haha... So far my own adventures at wig styling haven't gotten very far!  

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