dinsdag 2 december 2014

Loli Swop Shop meet

Hi Everyone!

It's time for me to write about a meet again! It's been a while since I had attended one, as I had to miss a few the last couple of months. Two weeks ago I went to the Loli Swop Shop meet. And that is exactly what it sounds like: a meet where you can trade or sell your clothes. I had selected a few items to bring with me, in the hope of selling them, and prepared a casual classic outfit with my Innocent World Gertrude skirt.

I haven't had the skirt for very long, but when it arrived, I knew it would be perfect to match with my Arabel blouse. I went for a simple outfit and came up with the following coord:

On the day of the meet I went to ride my horse first, and afterwards I hurried home to shower and change. I was in a hurry to leave, and once I was on my way I realized I had forgotten to bring the Victorian Maiden hair corsage I had planned to wear at home. So far, I haven't dared to leave the house with my wig on yet, so I always put it on in my car. I was lucky to have put a black Alice Bow in my sales bag, so I decided to slap that one on. It actually matched pretty nicely, haha...

Coord rundown:

Blouse and Skirt: Innocent World
Petticoat: Dear Celine
Tights and Alice Bow: Summer Tales Boutique
Shoes: Yosuke
Umbrella: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Bracelets: off brand and SeƱor Bear

The meet was held in a very nice location in the city of Breda. Once I had arrived I went to put some of my items on tables and on the racks and then went to take a look at what everyone was selling. I scored a beautiful Bordeaux blouse and a pink bolero from Innocent World. I also bought a pair of beautiful wristcuffs from Summer Tales! I was super happy with my items! 

At the meet I sold a blouse and a ring, but I had to take the rest of my items home again, haha... But even so, I enjoyed myself a lot and had the opportunity to talk to a lot of people again! After the meet I stayed to help Katie pack up her items, and then we went to have dinner at the Cuban restaurant downstairs. 

Dinner was delicious, and during the conversations that we had going on, I wondered out loud if it would be fun to organize a Christmas dinner. It got a lot of enthusiastic reactions, so Anne told me she would love to help me out organizing it, since I have never organized a meet before. 

And now it's officially happening! We're gonna hold the meeting in the new year, so it will be a New Year's dinner, but it's gonna be awesome! :)

Anyway, take a look at the IW items that I bought that day:

Innocent World Ourpheus bolero

I really wanted a bolero to wear with some of my skirts. And this will match my Ophelia without Eye and Summer Tales skirt. I might even wear it with my meta skirt. The fabric is nice and soft and the lace is just gorgeous! It features roses!

Innocent World Round Collar Gathered Lace Ribbon blouse

When I saw this blouse I knew it was perfect for a coord with my Pompadour JSK. It's so gorgeous. I can take off the ribbon, and the lace is so pretty! I also love the collar. It's round, but not too big, so perfect! I'm so happy with these items! ^^

I don't have a picture of the wrist cuffs yet. I think I might have to write a new post soon, since I've also bought some other items in the mean time and want to show you those as well! :)

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