zondag 8 maart 2015

Summer Tales Boutique - Shopping Service

I'm writing this post, because quite recently I've discovered that many people don't know about one of the many awesome services that Summer Tales Boutique offers. I've known about this for some time now and even used it (or tried to use it) a few times.

You can use Summer Tales Boutique as a Tao Bao shopping service and save yourself the trouble of custom fees and shipping costs!

How it works (based on my experience):

Check which Tao Bao item you would like to buy. Contact Summer Tales Boutique to see if they can order from your chosen Tao Bao brand. I usually include the info and links of the items that I want, so that Katie can check if the items are available.

Katie will send you a message containing info on which items are available and what their prices will be in euros. This is the price you will pay for the item + the shipment to your address. You don't have to pay for the shipping fees of the item to Summer Tales, or custom fees that may be added.

If you agree with this, Katie will order the items for you. She will keep you updated on the order and ask for your payment. I usually pay when I pick the items up at the store.

I have used this service several times. I tried to order items from Chess Story a few times, but sadly the items I wanted where sold out then. Recently I tried it again, and this time I ordered two blouses: one from Chess Story and one from Dear Celine. I got the items pretty soon after that and I'm really happy with the service Katie offers, since it saves me a lot of trouble! :)

I have also ordered things from the Innocent World webshop through Summer Tales in the same way! It saved me a lot of money, and I didn't have any custom fees!

Items I've ordered from tao bao through Summer Tales Boutique:

Chess Story Le Printemps Chiffron Blouse

Dear Celine Vintage Round Collar Blouse

Ordering from tao bao usually takes longer than ordering from Innocent World.
The IW items I ordered where at the shop in less than two weeks or so.

I ordered Innocent World's Hydrangeas and Butterflies JSK and Tights:

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  1. Waw this post is so helpful! I will definitely use Summer Tales Boutique for my next TaoBao shopping :) Thanks for writing this post :)