vrijdag 15 mei 2015

Catch up post - the outfits of 2015

Whoops! And before I knew it months had passed since my last post. I've been quite busy, and although I have been to quite a few meetings, I just didn't feel like posting anything on this blog. Lately, I feel a little detached from lolita. I still love the fashion and intend to keep on wearing it, but I realized that I couldn't keep on collecting clothes in the way I did. I have bought a house and I need to save up for the interior so yeah... I've been selling quite few items lately and my goal is to end up with 5 to 8 dresses.

I got some work to do before that happens, haha...

Anyway... This blog post will focus on the outfits I've worn so far this year. I've gone to a few meet ups already and plan to keep on doing this regularly. Soooo... Ready for some pictures?

Outfit for Sparkly New Year's Dinner:

This was my outfit for the very first meet I organized myself. I organized it together with Anne, and since she was wearing a dress by a Dutch Indie designer, I decided to do so as well. After this meet up I realized that Gothic Lolita really isn't my thing and decided to sell all the black items in my closet. I still enjoyed dressing up in this gorgeous dress though, but it's just not for me anymore...

Outfit for the gift swap meet:

My IW Pompadour JSK is my favourite dress. I just love the classic look of it and the colors. Since I found the perfect blouse to coord it with, I couldn't wait to dress up in it again. And with this coord, I felt like I did the dress justice for the first time. :)

Outfit for Eva's presentation at school:

I was asked by a girl from my comm to show an outfit at her presentation at school in Februari. Since I didn't have anything else to do I decided to go and dress up in this gorgeous Meta JSK. The dress is up for sale now, but I still love this coord a lot! :)

Outfit for Oshare con:

The pic is blurry but I think you can still see the outfit, haha... For Oshare con I wanted to wear something special and my AATP skirt turned out to be perfect for it. I paired it with a simple H&M blouse and went for casual classic. This is one of my favourite coords so far! :)

Coord for Christeline Fashion tea party:

This outfit was one I just wanted to do this year. The skirt is a little big on me, but I wanted to wear it at least once before selling it. This meet seemed the perfect oppertunity. There was a photographer present who took some memorable photos of me in this coord. I really loved the fact that the pink of the roses on the skirt match the color of my IW bolero! 

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